We believe that by undertaking the role of a master developer we can deliver better planning and placemaking outcomes, that result in developments with enhanced sustainability, higher quality design and clear social impact. This approach ensures that every aspect of our development delivers better outcomes for everyone, as we have oversight in the creation of the development from the outset.

Passionate about placemaking

We believe that places which are carefully master planned, create places where people want to live. So we make sure that placemaking is at the forefront of what we do.

Powered by partnership

We partner with like minded collaborators to make sure that our developments are of good quality, sustainable and, most importantly, where people want to live.

Truly transparent

We always operate with openness and transparency, meeting all relevant stakeholders and reflecting local needs and wants into all our planning applications.

Driven by sustainability

Sustainability is one of our core commitments, where we strive to exceed local authority requirements.

Alconbury Weald by U&C

Commited to quality

Our collaboration with leading architects and engineers keeps us committed to delivering high-quality design that still meets or exceeds local authority’s standards and expectations, delivering housing across all tenures to meet local housing needs.

Focused on lifestyle

People thrive in healthy environments, so our investments always focus on high-quality open space, with sustainable and accessible transport.

Alconbury Weald by U&C